P Ø L Y G Я O U N D.

Event Date: 
3 May 2014 - 14:00 to 4 May 2014 - 23:00

Polymer was a toy factory back in the soviet times. Since 1994 it was closed and was abandoned, staying silent for years, but in 2003 a new initiative arose - a group of active artists and musicians started renting and renovating the space. This way Polymer became an open art community, hosting and organizing all kinds of exhibitions, installations, musical and visual performances in a free minded atmosphere.

Today, Cultural Factory polymer is still producing independent art.
During the P Ø L Y G Я O U N D project, artists were using the whole factory as a big playground, painting and creating for own joy and fun.
All kinds of people were welcome to join the game. Street-artists, painters, photographers, musicians, builders, gardeners and even a lot ofl people that thought they were involved! :)

Art is a not ready object, it is a living process. The aim of our game is not in the result, the aim is the process itself - Playing.

  • Fresh indoor street art and group exhibitions of paintings and photography
  • Live and DJ performances on the Roof Garden
  • Musical, poi and dancing workshops
  • A small handicraft bazaar + free shop
  • Movies, fire dancing and the Soundtravel experience

The Roofgarden Cafe is ready to quench Your thirst and hunger with non – alco drinks, vegetarian snacks and sweets.

Our event was organized without any external financial support, only from our own pockets, time and energy and the help of our good friends. Buying a ticket will support the future of Polymer as an open creative community.

One-day ticket 2 euro
two-day ticket 3 euro.



  • Maks Simchenko
  • Alexei Gordin
  • Viktoria Monzossova
  • Aleksandr Tishkov
  • Kenneth Lekko
  • Roland Seer
  • Viktoria Koval
  • Alina Orav
  • Photography

  • Anna-Maria Vasjkovskaja
  • Andrei Kulpin
  • Maria Tishkovskaja
  • Viktoria Koval
  • Kristina Rubinova
  • Artur Pastsenko
  • Installations

  • Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo
  • Ian Simon
  • Wall - paintings

  • Kostja Veter
  • Soc King
  • Larki
  • Kätlin Teern
  • Zinka Bomzhiha
  • Vova Kopõlov
  • Vika Chulok
  • Satinka
  • Edward von Lõngus
  • Ether Frolics
  • Maks Simchenko
  • HANDICRAFT WORKSHOPS (from recycled materials):


  • decorations made from carton cylinders
  • candle/lamp holder from metal jars

  • decorating glass jars
  • decorations from newspaper

    NEOTRADITIONAL DANCE workshop - workshop of basic moves of a few traditional dances, ranging groups and pair dances. Very simple dances, ideal for those who think they have steel in their shoes when they have actually wings .

    DIDGERIDOO FOR DUMMIES - basic techniques and possibilities in the didgeridoo (aborygenal musical instrument). This workshop is directed for beginners of all ages and backgrounds. If you have a tube that you can stick you mouth in, clean it and bring it and we will make sound of it!

    BATUCADA: rhythmic orchestra performance to start off the event with a bang!

    RECYCLED BEATS: A workshop for all ages and experiences on the basics of rhythm with simple and recycled drums, using real-time symbols and communication in music. Inspired in the rhythms and unique grooves of brazilian Samba schools we will build together an orchestra of rhythms and sounds to make the building dance!

    SOUNDTRAVEL: Sound experience using different traditional instruments with various approaches through improvisation. The participants are invited to lay back and enjoy a travel through the sense of hearing, that might lead to unexpected inner places.
    Sooo, see You here :)