About RöNK

The abbreviation RöNK (Rakendusökoloogia Noorte Klubi) comes from the Estonian language and stands for Applied Ecology Club.
The club was founded by a group of environmental activists on 21 of January 2010 in the capital of Estonia – Tallinn.

Since February 2014 we took on a wider path and started cultivating creativity and healthy living in addition to eco – oriented action.

The objectives of RöNK are:
- Extension of public education for creativity and a healthy lifestyle
- Encouraging the use of recycled materials in construction
- Promoting sustainable society skills on regional level

According to our aims we organize:
- music lessons (djembe, guitar, batukada)
- workshops (handicraft for now)
- eco-events (with vegetarian food, mainly live music, showing awareness movies etc.)

You may participate in all activities if you are a member and run your own project if you become a part of the team. We are very excited to meet anyone interested and especially - skilled indoor and outdoor gardeners and ecologists as this is the key focus of our group.

To become a member you should come and see us at Polymer Culture Factory, but first contact us through email, phone or facebook.

Join us, let's build a better world together! :)